Border Collie Home Dental Care Tips

dental care for border collies
Just like any other pets, border collies need proper dental care, and failing to do so results in plaque, tartar build-up, and tooth decay. The gums recede and fall off rotten teeth. If your Border collie also has bad breath or painful teeth, finding home dental care tips must be your last search, and here you will get all about it (in detail).
Mentioned 5 simple tips will save your vet visits (and budget) and keep everything healthy – without chemical treatments.  So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

1. Don’t Forget to Brush Your Border Collie’s Teeth Daily 

border collie dental care

Daily brushing is the first thing that needs to be done in Border collies dental care routine as plaque hardens in 48 to 72 hours (approximately).
Dogs do not like brushing, so you must do some tricks. It could be in the selection of toothpaste, toothbrush, or the way you brush.
  •   Toothpastes come in different flavors, such as chicken, beef, or peanut butter. Try using your dog's favorite flavor or mix in different combinations. Secondly, avoid human toothpaste as they have detergents and fluoride that are harmful if swallowed.
  •   Try out specifically designed dog toothbrushes with angled handles, soft bristles, or multiple heads for easy brushing. Also, pay attention to the size of the brush and use a fingertip brush or baby toothbrush for pups and choose regular-sized for adults.
  •   Pet toothpaste has strong enzymatic action, so don't force your dog to brush its teeth. Be gentle and start by using your finger or finger brush. Sooner, your dog will be habitual of daily brushing.

2. Get the Benefit of Chew Toys and Treats

border collie dental care tips

Chew toys and treats are great for a dog's oral health that clean gums and keep plaque at bay. Continuous gnawing removes the build-up of plaque and tartar while polishing teeth to a sparkling shine.
Chew toys come in different shapes and sizes. Careful attention in the selection is important for dog safety. Just be sure the toy is non-abrasive to prevent teeth damage and of the appropriate size. Hard or pointed objects can do more harm than good, so use one that effortlessly digs into crevices between the dog's teeth and encourages blood flow. 
Similarly, chew treats improve dogs' dental health by removing plaque and refreshing breath. It could relieve Border collie parents experiencing a dog's bad breath (halitosis). 
Just keeps an eye on the dog chewing on the treats as it may choke the throat.

3. Apply Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil is a proven natural tooth cleaner and has antimicrobial properties. It helps eliminate harmful bacteria in your Border collies' mouth and causes bad breath. Your dog’s teeth also get safe from plaque and dental diseases. A huge benefit of applying coconut oil on dogs' teeth is that they like the taste, making its application less chaotic. Similarly, the dogs resistant to daily brushing get less plaque buildup after getting coconut oil on their teeth.
You can also use coconut oil as toothpaste for dogs to fight gum diseases.

4. Offer Natural Foods

Dogs eating sweet or sticky treats are at risk of dental disease. Sugary substances stay on the teeth longer, inviting harmful bacteria. The second dental food option for dogs is carrots. Nibbling on carrots removes dental plaque and makes them healthy. 

5. Use Market Products

You can use any market product available at home for dog teeth cleaning. The sole purpose is to get rid of the massive buildup on the teeth for dental health.
The commercial products used at home to clean Border collie teeth include:    
Tooth Wipes – These are a great solution for dogs reluctant to brush. Wipes cannot replace the significance of tooth brushing because it is unable to get into tiny nooks and crevices. Still, they give instant cleaning after meals.
Dental Powder – It is a synthetic powder for dog dental care and dissolves existing tartar. You can add it to your dog's food to soften and remove build-up plaque.

Mouthwash – Mouthwash plays a key role in fighting bad breath, removing plaque, and preventing gum disease. All mouthwashes are not safe for dogs, so try using natural-based with no harmful chemicals. Also, dogs don't need to gargle with mouthwash. Add it to their water bowl or apply the gel to their teeth.

This is all about home dental care tips for dogs. Hope you found the tips workable, so don't let your Border collie spend a day with dirty teeth and make it practically done.
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