Welcome to Bordercollied Up🐾

  Here, you’ll find lots of cute border collie stuff, from border collie t-shirts and hoodies to border collie mugs, stickers, and mousepads. Every design is drawn with love to bring some border collie joy to your daily life!  


We’ve been head-over-paws for border collies for over 18 years. Inspired by our beloved dog partners, we always tried to sniff out border collie things. We could never find enough, so we decided to create our own! A single doodle of our four-legged soulmates has since grown into an online store and community. Through Bordercollied Up, we share our designs and passion with other border collie lovers around the world.


Our border collie gifts celebrate the perky-eared, swishy-tailed happiness bestowed on us by this wonderful breed. Our designs perfectly capture the border collie character and will hopefully give you comfort when your companion no longer walks by your side. If you’re besties with another dog breed or a Ragdoll/Siberian cat, we've created too in our Furiends Collection.  At Bordercollied Up, we believe all animals are earth angels!


We’re here for border collie lovers, pet parents, and anyone whose life is touched by four paws and a wet nose. So sit, stay, and shop for a border collie themed gift or two!


Got questions about our products or shipping? Bark and we’ll be there to help!