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Here, you’ll find cute and fun stuff to celebrate our furry partners by your side. Every design is drawn with love to bring joy to your daily life. Started with a border collie and a kitty, we are expanding with our beloved friends.🐾

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 We all know the joy our furry (or feathered, or scaled!) companions bring to our lives. There's a truth as undeniable as a wagging tail: our animal companions enrich our lives in profound ways. They shower us with unconditional love, a devotion that asks nothing in return. They're always there for us, offering a furry shoulder to lean on, a wet nose nuzzle that chases away our blues. 

But their influence extends beyond simply lifting our moods or providing comfort. They teach us valuable lessons—about loyalty, about living in the moment, about the simple joys of a belly rub👐🐾

 We celebrate these cherished companions with stickers that mirror them on our everyday belongings - laptops, suitcases, water bottles, car windows, etc. A quick glance brings not just a smile, but a powerful sense of comfort. These small emblems bring us joy and comfort, serving as a reminder that they are with us no matter where we are.

🥴Imagine a little smile playing on your lips as you catch a glimpse of your beloved pet on your water bottle. That's the magic we aim to capture with our stickers.😆

 However, we are also aware that life isn't always sunshine and belly rubs.

From our own experiences, we understand the deep ache that comes when our animal partners pass over the rainbow bridge and can no longer be with us physically. Losing them is incredibly tough, leaving a void and a gaping hole.

 It was during such a difficult time that we found solace in creating more than just stickers. Each item crafted not only brought smiles to our faces but also allowed us to celebrate their lives, helping us to focus on the joy they brought rather than the sorrow of their absence.

 We now enjoy celebrating our current thriving furry partners as well as our partners in heaven with our crafted hats and shirts, and are thrilled to share these fun creations with fellow humans who are absolutely in love with their furry companions.😊

 We hold profound respect for all the furry and feathery companions who bring love and joy into their humans' lives, keeping their humans loved and cared for. We are truly honoured to play a small part in celebrating the beautiful relationships and bonds between you and your furry partners🐾🙏✨

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