Pawsitively Pawsome Embroidery

dog and cat embroidery gift for pet owners
We know you'll love our charming collection of embroidered items featuring your favorite furry companions. Whether you're passionate about pets or searching for the purr-fect gift, our charming collection of embroidered items featuring your favorite furry companions will brighten up your day!

How We Create Our Embroidery Items 🧵🪡

Our unique designs come to life through our skilled partner facility! Their embroidery team expertly translates our artwork into stunning stitches. After digital translation of the design and any necessary adjustments, your item receives a quality check by the embroidery team before shipping directly to you from the embroidery facility.

Embroidery Size & Placement 📐

Our embroidery sizes are as diverse as a mixed-breed pup! Typically ranging between 2 and 3 inches, each size is tailored to complement the specific design. This ensures a perfect fit while also keeping costs in check.

👚 For shirts and hoodies, the default placement of the embroidery is on the left side of the chest. However, upon request, we're happy to place it in the center for a different look.

🧢 As for hats, we always place the embroidery in the center for maximum visibility and style.

dog and cat embroidery for pet lovers

⚙️ How long does it take until delivery? 📦

The average time until delivery is 10-14 days. While our average processing time is 3-6 days, please bear with us if there's a little delay. High order volumes at our partner facility can sometimes extend processing times.  
🚚 Shipping times may vary based on your location, with an additional 2-3 weeks for international shipping.
Additionally, there will be an extra 2-4 days for customization when requested.

Currently Available Products for Embroidery🧢

Hats & Beanies
T-shirts (Bella Canvas Brand)
Sweatshirts (Gildan Brand) 
Hoodies (Gildan Brand)
dog and cat embroidery for pet lovers

    Personalizing Option for a Personal Touch 🎨

    Got a furball with unique coloring or multiple breeds at home? We celebrate every fur-iend's uniqueness! Ask about modifications to our existing designs to make them truly pawsonal. Head over to our Modification Request Page for all the details.

    Ready to get started? 

    Explore our collection and create a one-of-a-kind piece of pet-loving fashion today!🐾